Maritime Museum of Kalymnos

The Maritime Museum of Kalymnos was founded in 1994 and it is located in the coastal zone of Pothia, in the building of the former Vouvaleios Technical School, next to the Town Hall. At the museum you can see and learn about the island's sponge diving tradition, history and methods of sponge fishing .Also if you visit the museum you'll see many artifacts from the wrecks of ancient ships as well as articles on sponge diving and sponge treatment.

The exhibition is divided in three different parts where the visitors have the opportunity to see objects with reference to sponge diving profession and a great number of exhibits related to sponge- fishing as well as the elaboration of sponges.

In the first part photographs from the early 20th century are exhibited and illustrate the events that took place during the departure of the sponge divers. Various anchors, nautical maps of past centuries and finds from shipwrecks, complete the exhibits.

The second and third part also refers to sponge-fishing, with a large section dedicated to ""skandalopetra"", a piece of stone, usually marble or granite, with rounded corners and streamlined shape, weighing 8-14 kg, which was used by Kalymnian sponge divers from antiquity until a few years ago, as an auxiliary tool in diving.

Folklore Museum of Kalymnos

In in the building of the former Vouvaleios Technical School is also housed the Folklore Museum of Lykeion Ellinidon, displaying significant items of the popular culture of Kalymnos. A variety of exhibits including local costumes, bridal dresses, housewares, a loom, a spindle, a hand mill, pottery jugs and traditional furniture, like the krevatos, the large family bed with a baby cot above it informs the visitor of the customs and traditions of Kalymnos and gives the visitor the opportunity to see the way life was organised in a traditional urban house towards the end of the19th and beginning of 20th century.

Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum


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