All year round holildays

The mildness of the weather, whose main characteristics are long periods of bright sunshine and low humidity levels, does not in the least remind one of a wintry scene.

Life on the island remains as vibrant and eventful as it is during the summer. It is highlighted by elements of our local traditional culture. Kalymnos has a reputation of one of the most lively islands in wintertime, its life is a series of socializing and mingling. Happenings such as church festivals and fairs, social gatherings and fiestas, are predominant features of the Kalymnian way of life throughout the year.

So … get to know the hardy but warm-hearted Kalymnian fishermen and divers.

… hike along the wild and barren beauty of our impressive mountain slopes.

… take part in the annual festivals of Climbing and Diving.

… enjoy the experience of sailing or diving under the sun in the heart of winter.



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