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Arts and Culture

Kalymnos has always stood out as far as arts and culture are concerned.


Kalymnos, is the “proud mother” of great Kalymnian painters and sculptors like S. Maglis, G. Oikonomou, E. Zairis, M. Alahouzos, S. Galouzis, A. Karafyllakis, T. Kourounis, T. Mpilliris, I. Tataris and many others.
Especially the holy Temple of Savior Christ in the cathedral of the island includes samples from almost all the great painters of the island, inspired by the Renaissance.


Museums and collections in Kalymnos present great interest.
The Archaeological Museum is a place of exceptional beauty and importance where one can see unique findings.
The visitor can also see exhibits related to sponge diving, local clothes, customs and traditions by visiting the Mansion of Vouvalis, the Maritime and Folklore Museum, the Museum of marine life and sea findings of Valsamidis, the “Neoclassical” of Kyrannis and the Traditional Kalymnian House.


There is a huge number of buildings and monuments with rich decoration and elaborate architectural style. Also, there are plenty of religious monuments like Church of Agios Nikolaos, Church of Agios Savvas etc.


The island also has imposing castles, like the Castle of Chora or Great Castle, the Castle of Chrysocheria and the Kastelli Fortress.


In Kalymnos, one can find many stunning churches and monasteries, built throughout the centuries, with great artwork of local artists and beautiful marble reredos.
Some of the most famous are the Monastery of St. Panteleimon and the majestic temple of Agios Savvas the miraculous which attract thousands of locals and foreigners every year.

Click here to see our album about churches and monasteries.


Kalymnos has an exceptional tradition related to local dances which are taught in local dance schools. Also, one can find schools to learn modern dancing.


Kalymnos celebrates many festivals around the year.
Some of them are the following:
June 24th
On the 24th of June, the feast of Agios Ioannis is celebrated. Small bonfires are lit on the beaches and the harbors of the island and people jump over them.
July 27th
On the 27th of July, locals honor the feast day of Saint Panteleimon, the healing saint, with a big ceremony.
August 15th
On the 15th of August there is one of the highest celebrations in the Christian calendar, the feast day of Holy Virgin.


Kalymnos has a theatrical team which presents many plays over the year.


Inspired by the beautiful landscapes and the unique nature of the islands, many people are involved in photography.


Last but not least, there are various artistic clubs on the island.

***Many thanks to Mr Sakellaris Koutouzis and Mr Pothitos Magoulias for the valuable information they have provided us.


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