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Kalymnos is known as the “Island of Sponge-Divers”, because of the considerable growth and development of sponge-fishing that took place on the island, which came to be one of the most important centers of Sponge-fishing in the Mediterranean Sea (and an international sponge-harvesting trade center) from the end of the 18th century onwards. The most famous and coveted product of Kalymnos in many types and different designs is still the natural sponge. The natural sponges of the sea are aquatic animals, evolving, depending and surviving within the environment they live in. The diversity of their forms is an interrelation of many parameters, such as the temperature of the water, the light, the existing current, the undulation, the depth, even the age of the animal. It exists in various colors, forms, sizes and constitutions. The sea sponges have been used for years and are part of our everyday hygiene and cosmetic treatment. Natural sponges have a lot of advantages in comparison to the synthetic ones. They have a longer duration of life, they do nοt smudge, they do nοt maintain smells and their soft constitution provides a deeper and without irritations skin cleaning. They are not only used for personal hygiene but also in bioengineering and the pharmaceutical industry.


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Sight Seeings

Chora was once the capital town of Kalymnos in the center of the island. Above the town stands a big fortress of a Byzantine construction, built 300m above sea level. It comprises ruins of houses and cisterns and nine churches, two of which are renowned for their frescos. The view from the fortress is one of the most beautiful. Below you spread the valley of Pothia and the port, the gleaming sea and the island of Kos in the distance..

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South-east of Kalymnos, between Kalymnos and Kos, is the picturesque Pserimos. The few residents of the island are mainly engaged in fishing and farming. Dozens of beaches along the coast line of the island, other sandy and pebbly, which together with the banning of vehicles on the island make it an ideal destination for holiday relaxation.

The golden sands and turquoise waters of the beach near the harbor of the island are the main reasons why dozens of tourists visit the island for day trips or full day vacation. The island has plenty of nice taverns and accommodation for stay.


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The imposing mounting dominates the view across the west-northwest side of Kalymnos. In 554 AD after a powerful earthquake Telendos severed from Kalymnos. Currently, less than 1 km from Myrties it has frequent connection by caique. The Byzantine settlement of Agios Konstantinos, the ruins of the Basilica of St. Basil, early Christian baths and cemeteries are testimony to the island’s rich history.

The island has plenty of taverns and restaurants literally on the beach, accommodation for several nights, beaches for every taste and plenty of climbing fields to climb. The island is free of vehicles.

Inspiration is the profile of the “princes” that forms the ridge of Telendos and the breathtaking sunset.


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Municipality Tourist Office

Municipality of Kalymnos

Pothia, Kalymnos PC 85200

Dodecanese, Greece


phone: +30 22430 29299

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Humidity: 75%
Wind: WSW at 64.37 km/h
6°C / 13°C
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